Choosing homeschool curiculum material doesnt have to be intimidating!

The 7 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum and Programs You’ll Ever Need


Here you will find the 7 top places to find homeschool material that has stood the test of time and is many homeschool moms go-tos. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a hard copy for your homeschooling material. Don’t get me wrong, I love saving paper especially because I tend to hoard every daily writing that my kid has done or drawing. I just love those precious things kids say and seeing the progress that they have done. Sometimes switching to virtual or online school was better for our house because of my inability to sort through my favorites and not be so sentimental. But there is a time and a place for a physical book when teaching homeschooling.

#1 Christian Book Distributors 

Christian Book Distributors is the hub store for your homeschooling curriculum needs, hands down. Growing up as a homeschooler, CBD stood for Christian Book Distributors. In recent years This acronym has changed which kind of makes me giggle perhaps it’s the nerdy homeschooler inside of me. But don’t let Christian Book Distributors will you for being clunky or out of date. You kind of need to know what you’re looking for to shop on Christian Book Distributors because it can get overwhelming with all of the available options. If you’ve been home schooling for a long time you know the brands that you like. But if you’re new to homeschooling you may want to keep reading.

Pros – their website has some of the best sales, free shipping and top selections for hundreds of main strain curriculum for digital, online, workbook or textbook.

Cons – they are rather lacks on their shipping updates. And if you’re not looking for a Christian resource it can be hard to find material.

#2 Alpha and Omega

One of the top homeschool curriculum websites is Alpha and Omega because it has online, physical product and is the most credible resources out there. Alpha and Omega have taken the top performing products and those are the ones they promote. They also have wonderful options for All-in-One homeschooling for each grade, online or a mixture of both. For example their horizon for kindergarten program is amazing because it comes in a complete set and is priced reasonably.

Pros – the Alpha Omega Academy is an accredited school program.

Cons – you need to wait for sales otherwise they can be more expensive than other sites.

#3 Abeka for preschool and beyond

Abeka Academy is an online Christian homeschool curriculum that provides lesson with instructional videos, workbooks and more! The best part about Abeka Academy is the option to choose from accredited or unaccredited programs that will save you money, but still provides everything your student needs. If you are looking for the stamp of approval for an accredited program go for it, but if you are okay with program that was developed by the same company but operates under the “unaccredited” bracket by offering similar material but at a discounted rate, you can find both options available through Abeka. A pdf version of the scope and sequence can be downloaded, printed and compared to your states requirements found the Board of Education’s website. Parents can assign lessons to accommodate any vacation or time off without having to worry about falling behind. Choose from hands on or a independent hands off program that runs itself giving parents the ability to customize according to your child’s needs.

Pros – you get to choose from accredited and unaccredited programs. Purchase includes all subjects for the entire year in a one time fee. Lessons are taught via pre-recorded video and offer hands-off grading for report cards.

Cons – the the all in one homeschool program may seem daunting (aka expensive) for parents with accredited programs nearing the 1k mark. You would need to shop around with their options to ensure your budget and needs find a good balance.


#4 BJU Press

If you have a hands on learner, then these textbooks from BJU Press is for you! Christian based learning covers bible, math, science, literature and history. BJUPRESS is on of the few companies that offers a homeschool program for preschool and kindergarteners. Students can learn from textbooks, workbooks or online to give the best options for parents and students.

Pros – covers grades preschool – 12 so you can shop for all age groups. Shipping is always free!

Cons – can be a higher priced program, does require teacher led learning.

#5 Weaver

Organized to teach a lesson then customize according to grade level, making it the #1 program for teaching multiple grade levels without having to purchase more curriculum. All subjects are covered in this 5 volume set includes more than core subjects by expanding to field trips that enhance lessons, penmanship and cursive worksheets, and rigorous researching activities. Students will be challenged in every subject with presentation, report and writing skill that are based on critical thinking and supporting facts. Worksheet and lesson enrichment activities are able to be duplicated for home use, which is a wonderful option for those without internet, and can be a more seamless experience to just copy a page rather than digging in your download folder for the printable pdf.

Pros – adaptive for all ages and grades making it easy for students that excel in a subject to move forward at their pace.

Cons – requires lesson planning and a bit more teacher-led approach when distributing material.

#6 Horizon’s all in one homeschool

Workbooks are AMAZING for the homeschool mom trying to instill home education but is not a natural born teacher. Horizon offers an all-in-one curriculum for preschool 3s to 12th grade. Horizon is literally a year of school in a box, with all books, worksheets, teacher guides and even reading books! Can this one stop shopping option get any better? This teacher led curriculum includes electives such as health. Horizon can be found on both Christian Book Distributor and Alpha Omega’s websites, which is reassuring that this program is has a powerful reputation.

Pros – all in one, budget friendly and offers preschool level workbooks.

Cons – while Horizon is not an accredited program, the scope and sequence overview is closely comparable to most state’s requirement. Be sure to evaluate for yourselves!

#7 Monarch online homeschool program

In your free trial get access to grades 3-12 in this completely online home education program. Monarch has been given the many awards and is a Certified Autism Resource. Parents can customize plants, enjoy automatic grading along with core and elective subjects!

Pros – a good hands off choice that moderates your child’s whole education.

Cons – require a monthly subscription

If your teaching style is more eclectic, or your prefer the ability to use different learning methods from curriculum, below are the best homeschool curriculum

I can personally vouch for the following brands and will give a student’s perspective of what it’s really like to use homeschool materials from the top brands, companies and curriculums.

Saxon math

From a students perspective – this is the hardest math program ever! Thankfully Saxon has updated their books to include CD’s or online lessons for struggling parents and students to watch. Not gonna lie, my mom and I sat and cried over some lessons. But!! Saxon is actually a half to almost full grade ahead of most math programs.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature

From the students perspective – Ah, LLATL is what I used to put on my weekly lesson plans when I got into 6th grade. This program has a teacher and student book, grades are divided by color of the book such as green, purple or yellow. LLATL is really well rounded, lessons have a passage that can be copied for younger kids, or given via dictation for older students. The lessons are pre-divided into days so there is NO lesson planning, just an easy-peasy homeschool curriculum that covers English!

The Weaver curriculum

From the students perspective – Intense! The weaver curriculum is very well developed and thorough. As a student it was challenging, just enough though. My mom got all the Weaver units because she could teach one lesson to all her kids, but adapt to the different grade levels. The initial buy in may seem high, but its for ALL grades and just about every subject but math.

Success in spelling

From the students perspective – Part of the Weaver program is Success in Spelling. This program made my cry because it makes your brain work! I was not good at English, literature or whatever you wanna call it at all. So I struggled with spelling, but Success in Spelling was a great program because it gives students a system to learn, remember and spell ANYTHING. Highly recommend.


From the students perspective – Lifepac made me love science! Funny story, I was doing science in like 6th grade, and learning about our metabolism. Well sitting in my farmhouse bedroom reading the lesson, I kept saying meta-bol-ism thinking I was saying it correct. To this day when I found out the correct way to say “metabulizm”, I was mortified. But aside from the grammar errors on my part I LOVED science because of Lifepac.

The best homeschool curriculum will ultimately be the one your family chooses based on budget, teacher involvement and ability to lesson plan (or not).

Choosing a Christian homeschool curriculum may seem daunting, but know that the programs mentioned here were developed by professionals, with standards like grade scope and sequence in mind to ensure parents can rest at ease knowing they don’t have to BE a program writer to TEACH their homeschoolers. Just exhale and be sure to do what is best for you, your family and your budget because that is after all is the reason you started this journey.


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