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How to Get a Homeschool ID Card for Teacher and Student Discounts and More


Do you ever feel left out as a homeschool teacher or student? Many places offer a student discount for getting into the movie theater. Or teachers can get discounts for supplies for their classroom.

But it makes you question what about the rest of us who are not affiliated with the public school system?

I mean, why shouldn’t we get a discount too when we’re having to already pay for school curriculum and supplies out of pocket? 

No longer do homeschooling teachers or students have to sheepishly ask for a discount, while hoping they won’t be rejected or made of fun for being a homeschooler.

Instead, proudly display a professional homeschool ID card by using the following companies.

How to get a homeschool teacher or student ID card for free or cheap!

Homeschool Legal Defense ID cards for students and teachers

Homeschool Legal Defense (HSLD) is by far a MUST have in any homeschool household! They are the legal protection you want to have. It’s like the insurance of the homeschooling world. Once you join HSLD, you can request an ID card for your student’s.

Not only will it display their name, photo and your homeschool name, but it will also display your membership status. This is a fantastic way to shut those homeschooler haters up, real quick!

Who is Homeschool Legal Defense? In a nut shell, they are the attorney’s and legal counsel you will ever need for defense but also for state compliance. Be sure to check out their membership program FAQ’s to see for yourself.

Teachers pay teachers on school teacher or student ID cards

If you are not familiar with Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), then let me introduce you to your new best friend! The site is (as the name suggests) a place for teachers to share their classroom or schoolroom material, in an effort to support other teachers.

Prices are so manageable, most items can be found for under $10.00. You can find everything from printable daily writing prompts, to downloadable state specific ID cards for homeschool teachers and students! YAY!

I love that you can spend $2.00 and have a download to laminate and make my students (and myself) feel like we are truly ready to take on the school year.

Teachers Pay Teachers really is the place to score material on a budget.

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op ID cards – free and cheap versions!

You are gonna want to book this website for future use! I just recently discovered Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, and let me tell you, I am blown away!

There are tons of free resources you can access with your free account, not to mention some great deals on curriculums, lesson enrichments and everything in between. 

Naturally, they have a FREE HOMESCHOOL ID CARD you can download, laminate and wear proudly!


They also have an option to pay under $10.00 to have a PVC hard plastic ID card made and sent to you! I LOVE this idea for all ages, but especially for high school students who are struggling to have a “valid form of ID such as a school ID”. This is the solution to a lot of headaches for the older kids.

Get a FREE
Homeschool ID Card!

And I mean, you could do the free ID card for younger grades, and have a cute ceremony for the middle or high school aged students who get to a more “official” student ID. 

Big Huge Labs free teacher or student ID cards

Personally, I had a hard time navigating this site. I could not for the life of me find where the ID card option is. I found trading cards, CD covers, calendars and just about everything else you can imagine, BUT the ID cards. Now, this is probably a user error. I have no shame in admitting that. However, I feel like ease of navigation is a big deal for me to stick around. 

If you want to try your navigation luck, by all means go forward young Padawan. Many bloggers and homeschool websites love to promote Big Huge Labs because you can create an account to register your homeschooler, and get a barcode on the ID card. Which is why I will probably keep trying. Wish me luck

How to make your own homeschool teacher or student ID card using Canva 

Canva, I love you so much. You make me feel like I can do anything. 

If you have been living in the dark ages still, Canva is a fantastic design tool you can use for FREE!!! 

Of course, they have a paid subscription for $12.00 (which is by far worth it) that allows you to access thousands of templates, colors, elements, pictures and so many fun things to make your projects perfect. 

I do have the Canva Pro because I was struggling with designing stuff with the limited elements and graphics for my gardening planner. Once I broke down and did the free trial, I thought, I will just do the free trial. Cancel. Then use a different email for another free trial if I love it that much. (kinda a cheap penny pincher I know) But that’s the truth. Well…they hooked me. The pro version allows you to resize your projects so you don’t have to abandon, redesign and save every time you need a new size. Why do you care? Let me tell ya. So I have a few websites, Facebook pages and small business ventures. When I design the Etsy shop cover, it takes up precious time to start all over and design the same looking graphic, for my Facebook page. Cue my love of Canva Pro. My time is far more valuable than the $12.00 a month. As a homeschool mom, this is even truer. Because now I can design a calendar, homeschool planner and all the documents I want, and resize with NO ISSUE. 

If you wanna make your own homeschool ID card, Canva (free or paid) is the perfect design tool to test the water. They have little books, schoolhouse, teacher, kids, pencils or backpack graphics you can add to your ID card. Personalize with hundreds of font styles, colors, lines, borders or boxes. Like for real. You GOTTA check it out!

P.S. you can add a faux barcode to make it look super “official” and mess with people

Make your own homeschool ID card, grab a free version or order a hard copy and start enjoying those student/teacher discounts too as homeschooling household!

What all to include on your homeschool student ID card

Your student ID card needs to include a few elements to make sure it will be accepted. Now these are not “official” rules, just one I have picked up along the way. You may have to update your ID card if you get that one employee who is just being difficult, and makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. Yes, those kinds of homeschool intolerance bullies still exist. However, 99.9% of the time you are NOT going to have anyone stop your student from showing their ID card. 

Checklist for homeschool student ID card

  • Student’s first and last name
  • School name – even if your homeschool names is “Last name Homeschool”
  • School year 
  • Grade 
  • Photo
  • Optional – state of residence

What to include on your homeschool teacher ID card

Teacher ID’s will also need to include some information so the store associate can validate you are real (duh) and at least, “sound” like you know what you are doing.

‘Cause let me just put your mind at east (I myself am an expert overthinker and would say, “well how to they know if I’m lying and just faking it to get a discount?”) the store associate is NOT going to care. They are not going to try and look you up on Facebook or the Board of Education’s website.

And if they do, they are being a stalker, which is a whole different set of problems.

So, relax.

Enjoy the professionalism that you will receive, because people will see you as a mom “that has it together” so she must know what she’s doing.

That’s because you are.

You are capable.

You are smart.

You are a teacher that deserves appreciation and some recognition just like everyone else.

Make sure to give yourself the respect you deserve!

Checklist for homeschool teacher ID card 

  • First and Last Name
  • School Name 
  • Academic Year 
  • Photo (and use this as an excuse to wear a blazer or “nice” clothes)
  • Optional – your state of residence

What can I use my ID card for? 

Teacher discounts can be given to homeschooling teachers at stores like Barnes and Noble, Office Supply or Walmart. Be sure to ask the associate if they honor homeschool teacher ID cards. Usually they don’t have a problem. It’s when you don’t have an ID card that they get kinda snippy.

Students can receive discounts at restaurants, movie theaters or some stores. But they will also benefit from having a student ID card for getting their drivers license or permit.

Go ahead and spoil yourself and your students with a homeschool ID card

Finding out you can get a homeschool ID card has been so rewarding (ha, get it?) but also made me feel more professional and confident as a homeschool teacher.

I plan on spending the first day of school dressing in our “nice” clothes for our ID card photo. Then downloading our temporary paper ID card while we wait for the PVC “official” copy to come in. Let me tell ya, I am so giddy and excited for something so small as an ID card.

But if it brings this much, you gotta add it to your homeschool supplies must have list.


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