• Ways to print your homeschool curriculum for cheap

    The Cheapest Way to Print Homeschool Curriculum

    Welcome to the world of instant access to digital downloads for your homeschool curriculum. Many parents have found cheap or free homeschool curriculum in the form of digital downloads that are often left asking now what? What am I supposed to do with this digital download? What is the cheapest way to print my homeschool curriculum digital download? Discover how HP Instant Ink is the cheap printing hacks for homeschoolers you wish you knew sooner! Chances are if you have fallen victim to collecting all this free homeschool material but are struggling with how to actually use it? You need to know the cheapest ways to print a homeschool curriculum. …

  • Girl writing math equation by hand

    7 Ways to Approach Saxon Math for Homeschool Teachers and Students

    Have you found your student is stuck in their Saxon math lesson and in need of a tutor? Are you feeling like a little over your head with all the math terms and new way of doing things? You are not alone! Why you should choose Saxon math for your homeschooler Saxon math for homeschoolers has long been the most challenging of all the math curriculums because of it’s intense concepts, strict emphasis on written work and NO CALULATORS allowed. Many teachers found students spending not just hours, but days, on a single lesson because of these high standards. Thankfully, Saxon has revised their standards, and allowed room for a…

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