It all starts here.

Take it from homeschool veterans, homeschooling requires a level of planning but also lots of learning on your end. When you start homeschooling it’s not just your kids that will benefit, you will also see changes in yourself as you journey towards becoming a homeschool teacher.

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Just a free download.

Do You Have a Teacher ID? ↗

Yes, you get to have teacher and student discounts too!

Need a Plan? ↗

We designed a guidebook and planner just for homeschool teachers.

Choosing a Name for Your Homeschool? ↗

Settle on the perfect name no matter your home education goals.

Let’s get to the point

How to start homeschooling when you feel overwhelmed by information shouldn’t be rocket science.

Because it’s not.

Here’s how we know.

We took homeschooling hacks from teachers with 25+ years of experience, and put it in a guidebook AND planner that teaches you the essentials.

What we included:

  • What the legal must have’s are
  • Recordkeeping
  • Lesson planning
  • Building a student portfolio
  • Templates
  • Printable pages
  • and 75 pages of colorful goodness

What’s the best part? We made it a digital file so you can download it instantly and starting using.

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